Statistician, Data Enthusiast

I believe that data is the new currency in this fast-pacing-generated-data era. Data can give us gorgeous insight that can guide us to take a better path and decision. As a data enthusiast, I have tremendous skills in playing with data such as:
Sense of data
Have a basic understanding what numbers really mean
Business understanding
Have a business understanding (especially in ecommerce) and use the data to solve the business problem
Data wrangling
Query complex data from database using MySQL, clean the data, group the data and prepare the data to be analyzed
Data visualization
Visualize the data using Microsoft Excel or R
Data modelling
Model the data using statistical methods or machine learning (regression, clustering, time series)

Software & Programming Skills

Library: forecast, tseries, sqldf, RMySQL, mailR, dplyr, stringr, ggplot2, RMarkDown, xlsx, rga, googlesheets, RGoogleAnalytics
R is my best friend in doing data analysis project because it can handle the work from A to Z such as: data wrangling, data visualization, data analysis and data reporting. It has many statistical packages and can be integrated with relational database, data format like: JSON, HTML, Excel, .csv, .xml, and API like: Google Analytics

Library: pandas, BeautifulSoup, regex
I never apply Python in a real industry problem in doing data analysis and just use it for my personal try. Python has readable code and faster than R in some cases. However, I prefer R rather than Python in doing data wrangling and data analysis. In the future, I would like to use Python for data scraping from website or API, and data analysis automation

Tools: join, where, having, concat, group by, order by, Sub Query
RBDMS that I have used so far is MySQL. I play, wrangle and extract the data using complex query by having strong logic with my sense of data and business understanding. However, extracting the data is just the first phase of making data into a meaningful insight, I make use of data extracted from the database into Excel for data visualization and R for data analysis or statistical modelling. Indeed, the combination of MySQL and other tools is a great way to make use of data

I am still new in PHP and use it for internal data reporting integrated with Cronjob in Raspberry to run the script automatically in hourly, daily and weekly basis. What I love from PHP is its MVC and framework. Even if PHP is not good as R in playing with data, PHP is very good in creating a bigger system and data integration used with RBDMS like MySQL

Microsoft Excel
Tools: vlookup, index, match, if, Pivot Table
I use Excel to make a quick glance about data by exploring it with pivot table and data visualization. Data is a beautiful interface that I use to report and visualize data to others

I usually use SPSS for data analysis with small data especially when I was a statistics consultant who handle and solve data problem for student’s research and thesis in my final year in the university. SPSS can be very useful and convenient in order to analyze the data using statistical method in just few clicks without any sophisticated programming like in R or Python

Linux (Raspberry), HTML, QlikView, CodeIgniter (PHP Framework), RStudio (R IDE), Spyder (Python IDE), HeidiSQL (MySQL IDE)

My research, project and masterpiece as a statistician

“Hierarchical Forecasting Application for Predicting Petroleum Products Production in PT Pertamina RU VI Balongan”

Supervisor       : Gumgum Darmawan, S.Si., M.Si.
  Defi Yusti Faidah, S.Si., M.Si.
Duration          : August 2015 – January 2016
Tools                : Hierarchical Forecasting Method
                          Time Series Analysis (ARIMA Method)
                          R Programming (forecast, hts, tseries)

@Lazada Indonesia

VIP Sellers Insight
Tools    : R, MySQL, VBA, MailChimp
Send insight to 183 sellers about their last seven days statistics and highlights with the files attached in .xlsx format using combination of R (data gathering and sending process), MySQL (data gathering and logic), VBA (excel interface), MailChimp (email interface)

Automated Internal Report
Tools    : R, PHP (CodeIgniter), MySQL, Cronjob Raspberry (Scheduler)
Create, improve and give insight with relevant data pulled from the live database and send them to the other divisions via email, in hourly, daily and weekly basis, automatically scheduled with Cronjob
Top product for each main category
Report to category head about current top product in their category
Top product stock
Report to Co-CEO and category head about current status of top product stock
Product monitoring from targeted sellers (VIP, rising star and top sellers)
Track the current product for the sellers based on visible product and product stock
Price tracker
Track the price for the targeted sellers (VIP sellers) weekly, apply in the local database and explore the price movement and changing
Gross margin alarm
Notice and report the gross margin for the current retail products which has zero or negative profit
Shipping alarm
Notice and report if the shipping cost of customer is above the threshold point
Volumetric alarm (package weight and dimension)
Notice and report if there is a product which has volumetric (package weight and dimension) under the threshold point

VIP Sellers and Rising Sellers Monitoring
Tools    : R, MySQL, MS Excel, GoogleSheets, QlikView
Track the growth of targeted sellers based on their current product, item solds, logistic providers and net market value (NMV)