21 June 2013

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False Story: Random Reunion

 “Random Reunion”
This story is not genuine, but this story appear intuitively in my subconscious mind when I was off. Though this story is not genuine, or whatever, I still appreciate. For your information, I only see twice seeing “the-one” in my subconscious mind. However, I do not know exactly how many times I see that, but the visible one is only two stories. And these two stories depend between my old friends and my new friends. I did not know why my subconscious mind do this; I just thought it real when I am not in the real condition. Finally this is the two stories, “Random Reunion” its names.

First Story
This story happened on 21 March 2013 (20 March 2013); here there are connection between my elementary school, my new friend in indekos, and “the-one”. The story began when I walked on the road in front of my elementary school. In addition, I do no know the setting of place, but It would be guessed morning.

I walked on that road, and I could not remember exactly what happened. Maybe, I met with my indekos friend, named Reza, on that road. There, we bought something for breakfast.

Suddenly, the event transformed, I met “the-one” in a room. In that room, there are “the-one”, my new friend (I really do not remember this, between my indekos friend and my college friend). In that room, we opened our breakfast and ate together. I did not why I can not talk even one word. We just ate our breakfast together and then I woke up with contented condition.

I remembered the smiling face of “the-one” there. Both of us, saw each other, and “the-one” smiled at me. When, I realized that it is not genuine; Still, I liked it. Though, it is not the genuine one; it makes me remember the past.

Second Story
The second one happened more complex than the first one. The second one happened on 22 May 2013 (21 May 2013), exactly two months after the first one happened. Again, the second one have connection between my new friend, my old friend, ‘unknown place’ and certainly, “the-one”.

The story began with my new friend in college; they are Abdul and Yo. Together, we wanted to ride on angkot, unfortunately, I did not know what angkot I should ride. The setting is the big road, maybe like Dempo road in Palembang, but it would be better if the big road is Margonda road in Depok.

Here, Abdul took-off first; Yo realized that I must ride on angkot where Abdul took but it had been gone.  Finally, I must waited again the same angkot. Unluckily, I never see the same one as Abdul took.

Everything changed, I did not ride on angkot. Suddenly, I did not why this happen, I arrived in the market and had meeting with my old friends. It changed quickly. I hypothesed that I did not find the angkot so I walked and went to the nearby market. Also, directly, I had a conversation with my old friend, named Fitri, in there.

I saw her face, few loading process, and realized that she is Fitri. I saw many changes happen to her. Then, I said to her like this “Are you Fitri? You have changed a lot, your appereance, and your sound are more mature”, approximately, I said that to her. If you know, before I talked to her, She talked, so I can hear her voice. Indeed, I was surprised why her apperance and sound is very different in this ungenuine world.

In that market, not only Fitri, but also I thought (saw) the others, such as Yufi and Adip (I did not know the other, I did not see exactly, but not only three of them there). In addition, Maybe, I talked with Yufi. “Maybe”, because I did no know it exactly. I said to her like this “Do you have finished final exam (UAS)? Why is Adip here?”. For your information, Adip is not living in Palembang nowadays, but he lives in Depok and studying in the East. The problem is I did not know exactly where we are. The setting are unpredictable, It could be happen in Palembang, Depok, or Bandung or Jatinangor.

Palembang, Depok, Bandung/Jatinangor? From the three of them, the most possible setting is Bandung. The reason is/are:
1.    Palembang: That’s why I said why Adip is here, but it is nearly impossible if my college friend is there.
2.    Depok: I just thought the big road, so I guessed Margonda road. But there are two impossiblity, my college friend would not be there and I did not need to said why Adip is here because Depok is his home.
3.    Bandung: This is the possible one. There is big road in Bandung (maybe Soekarno-Hatta). My college friend could be there, also, we search angkot for ride. If you know, Bandung is identically with angkot as transportation. In addition, my old friend could be there too, and maybe they visited and had a holiday there. And, it is possible why I said why Adip is here. So, Bandung is the most possible setting besides Palembang and Depok.

Okay, let’s back to the story. After I had meeting with them, suddenly I came and saw “the-one” in a place, maybe a store. There, my face faced the big road I mention before; I was sitting on a chair and had a chat with “the-one”. I was really contented, thus, that moments made me ‘really loved it’. Unfortunately, I really do not remember the dialogue texts, so I can not write it down here.

While I had a chat, I saw my mom and my brother across the big road. They saw me too with their smiling face and wave their hand to me; I replied then. Finally, after that event, the story ended. My lamp was turned on, and I smiled at myself. “How beauty!” my mind said.

M. Rasyid Ridha