12 March 2013

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If I Were You, Indonesian National Team Coach...

Google Translate: Jika Aku Menjadi, Pelatih Timnas Indonesia...

Here i am back again, with the different language. Now again, i will share about Indonesia football. Good news from Indonesia football, ISL (Indonesia Super League) player will join the squad of Indonesia national football team. Many good players from ISL will join the squad. It will be tough competition to be the starting eleven.
If i were the coach, this is my starting eleven formation:

Goal Keeper: Kurnia Meiga
Surely i cant choose who is the best Indonesia goalkeeper. I think they have same quality, but it will better to play the young-man, then i choose Kurnia Meiga rather than Ferry Rotinsulu or Made Wirawan. Other alternatives are Wahyu Tri Nugroho, i think he is great too.

Defender: Wahyu Wiji Astanto, Victor Igbonefo, Zulkifli Syukur, Ricardo Salampessy
Overall Hamka Hamzah’s defence skill is better than Wahyu Wiji Astanto—I choose Wahyu just because his nightmare-posture, nowithstanding he is a slow player.
However, I still confuse to choose who is the left back. M. Nasuha, he is a good left back, his games in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 was impressing. But now, you won’t see his game again because of his injury. Furthermore, he does not have any club. Besides, Diego Michiels is a great player but his performance is not great for now. So, i choose Ricardo Salampessy as left back, if you know, he was playing as left back in Asian Cup 2007, and he is good enough.
The naturalized player, Victor Igbonefo, i think he has superb defence and good body balance.
And the right back, Zulkifli Syukur, has good overlapping and crossing, the substitusion is Hasyim Kipuw, i think he is great too. Maybe, Raphael Maitimo and Supardi has good ability as right back, besides, Zulkifli is still better than them.

Midfielder: Ahmad Bustomi, Firman Utina, Andik Vermansyah, Greg Nwokolo
Composure and precise—quality pass is Ahmad Bustomi style. He is enforcer as midfielder, the anchor man in the middle field. His long pass is delicious for the striker, and his composure is different than any Indonesian footballer, makes him a quality player. I really like this player. Right or left, left or right, both side of his foot is good. I absolutely agree if he is the best centre-midfielder in Indonesia.
Firman Utina, senior player, is a great midfielder. Just because of his age, his stamina is not good as he has in the past, besides that, his short and long pass is still nice.
Lionel Messi from Indonesia, people said that, he is Andik Vermansyah—the 160cm height footballer. His speed and agility is superb. The defender will have trouble when one-by-one with him, the defender is forced to have yellow card in order to take football from this Messi. Fall and rise, with his speed, Andik is the fastest Indonesian footballer, i think.
One of naturalized player, Greg Nwokolo, has great attack, speed, agility, technique, and dummy. His individual skill is a nightmare for the defender. Greg usually played as striker, but i think he is quite good played as left winger.

Striker: Boaz Solossa, Sergio Van Djik
The best pure Indonesian striker, Boaz Solossa, from the east Indonesia. His agility, speed and shoot is really terrify. However, his contribution for Indonesia is not good enough like what he has been done in Persipura. He is still young, 26 years old, his journey is still long enough as Indonesia footballer, his contribution to Garuda must be maximize. With his quality left-foot, he ready to score goal(s) for Indonesia!
The newest, the best, naturalized player, Sergio Van Djik, ever became A-League top scorer. As striker, he has everything, response, speed, left-foot shoot and nice posture for header. He could be mentioned as the best Indonesian footballer. 185cm height makes him usually score with his shine-bald-head. His powered-left-foot makes him become a nightmare striker. He will started debut as Garuda player—I hope he scored many goals for Indonesia. Stir your stumps, SVD!

And as the coach, this is the substitusion player
Substitusion: Ferry Rotinsulu, Hamka Hamzah, Supardi, M. Ridwan, M. Taufiq, Patrich Wanggai

Starting eleven in other formation:
4-5-1 Version
Kurnia, Wahyu, Igbonefo, Zulkifli, Ricardo, Bustomi, Firman, M. Taufiq, Andik, Greg, Van Djik

3-5-2 Version
Kurnia, Wahyu, Igbonefo, Hamka, Zulkifli, M. Ridwan, Bustomi, Firman, M. Taufiq, Greg, Van Djik

3-4-3 Version
Kurnia, Wahyu, Igbonefo, Hamka, Zulkifli, M. Ridwan, Bustomi, Firman, Andik, Boaz, Van Djik

This is my starting eleven as Indonesia national team coach. What do you think? How about you? Share and comment your starting eleven here!

M. Rasyid Ridha
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