03 April 2016

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Indonesian Young Generation as Catalyst

Future will be full of challenge for me, as an Indonesian young generation. With education, we can develop and solve complex problems, especially for our country, Indonesia. The fact is that Indonesian young generation will become the future leader who operate our country from many sectors. It is full of question what will Indonesia look like in the future, in 2050 where many countries develop vastly and competition become more stained.

We are catalyst for Indonesia development in the future where global competition is going to be difficult than before. In government sector, we have to examine what kinds of decision making that give better result for our future. Eliminating greed is the best approach and here, education plays it crucial role. Our biggest enemy is ourself who want to make a try or just stagnate in this current position doing nothing significant. Changing our mindset is the first step to decide what kind of our future look like.

Life is hard, especially for us, underdeveloped country, Indonesia where our GDP is not above average and our welfare is not fully health. We are big in size and nature resource but we do not have enough qualified human resource who can manage and transform our nature resource into beneficial value that can give us invincible competitive advantage. Quantity and variety are our challenge where they will be more difficult to manage but it can be our great potency for the future.

Our enemy besides ourself is poverty, corruption and illegal drug. My mission as the future econometrician is reducing poverty by looking from economic data and catch opportunity from it. I learn econometrics with government’s money where its main source come from tax. I do not want to waste this opportunity and my niche is to make this country better, as well as, improve my life quality. With education, I believe we can harness our inadequacy and make great effectivity that can make a significant impact to our country.

I grow because I am passionate to help my country to become better. Dealing with adversity is my challenge and I do not want to stuck in a rut not giving any significant impact to my country. I grow myself from every sectors like mental, health and spiritual. I am an educated man who pursue more knowledge to make this country better. I can not affect people easily and by developing good communication and leadership skill, I am able to persuade people and change their mindset so that it can impact the system in a whole.

Indonesian warrior, you can call me that. I am in a great shape because I feel very terrific. My body is health and my blood carries oxygen that can give me a better insight to solve this world’s adversity. I am catalyst of my country’s triumph and from now on, I do not waste my time doing nothing insignificant. I develop myself, change my core and then make an impact for my country. I state that my main 2016 mission are getting ideal job where I grow exponentially  and getting 535-580 TOEFL ITP score.

By 2018, I learn econometrics in foreign country with full scholarship provided by LPDP. My country aim is Australia or Europe. The next thing that I need to do is researching what kind of university that I will splash in. I have to make rigor and clear study plan and what things that I can do with my master degree knowledge. Nowadays, I just improve my English skill by reading book, learning vocabulary and writing my idea and specific topic. I am gradually changing my mindset and improve my human’s skill so I can communicate effectively to the people. (23/03/2016)