09 November 2013

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Me & Statistics

Statistics is the most annoying math subjects for me when I was senior high school student. Moreover, our teacher did not explain us about statistics, we presented them one-by-one, they were different with other math subjects which was explained by the teacher. In addition, when I answered math test, statistics is the last one to be done.

Unfortunately, now, I am being statistics student, playing with more annoying math. Really, I never expect that the one I deny, will come together with me. Her name is statistics, I never look and search for her. Actually, I was failed in first test, then I chose her for the next choice; I did not know why.

There are three possible choices I would like to choose in second chance of the test. They are mathematics, statistics, and computer science. But I did not why, I chose statistics first, then in the second was mathematics. I denied computer science, I wanted to  choose it in first choice but I did not. Neither in second choice, I did not choose computer science. Maybe, quality, existence and age in that university were the reasons why I did not choose it.

I was accepted at the first choice then. At that moment, I was really contented, in other side, I was confused to accept her or not. However, I waited the other selection in other prestigious university, unfortunately I was failed there.

I had a chance to deny statistics if only I took the other selection in newborn engineering university. However, I did not take that test, and decided to choose statistics for the next study.

I concluded that I was failed at test preparation. I did not look from the brighter ways. I did not use chances effectively.I did not make great strategy. I did not get the one I want, wheter I got the unexpected one.

However, in the past, I prayed and requested to God, and I thought half of my requests become real. My accepted requests were:
1.    I want to study in West Java
2.    I want to study in FMIPA

From the first request, specifically I wanted to study in Bandung but I said West Java too. From the second request, specifically I wanted to study in FMIPA located in Bandung. I failed in first test; I succeeded in second test. That’s why I said that ‘half of my requests’.

Actually, there are amazing facts which link me with statistics.
1.    God showed me FMIPA words in the Jubel Calendar* (I saw the FMIPA words in randomly letter) and my feelings said that I would be there. Surprisingly, it was true, I am FMIPA student now.
*The words randomly created from the quotes in Jubel Calendar showed per one month
2.    My twitter name is starthedust. I ever randomly ordered the letter from my twitter name. And in one day, I recognized that my twitter name show statistics. There is stat (statistics’ nickname) from starthedust words; starthedust without r will become stathedust. We can spell it “stat he dust”. What is that mean?
3.   I love amazing facts. And if you know the amazing facts come from statistics. Moreover, I love to search amazing facts from an event. I think that’s okay for me to become statistician.

Now, I have been studying statistics in third semester. No matter what, I must learn and understand statistics seriously, applying statistics in the real life and become useful for other people. Really,  I do not expect to be here. God show me this way, this is the best way to be here. I believe amazing things will come to me.