29 May 2014

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Her Name is Statistics

"Her Name is Statistics" merupakan sebuah cerita pendek yang saya buat dalam rangka mengikuti English Day di jurusan saya pada bulan Maret yang lalu. Meskipun berhasil menjadi pemenang dalam kontes, jujur saja, tulisan ini sangat jauh dari sempurna. Saya memang kurang handal dalam menulis. Setelah saya membacanya kembali, ceritanya benar-benar absurd, antar kalimat tidak koheren, diksi kata yang kurang tepat, dan bisa jadi terdapat penggunaan EYD alias grammar yang salah. 
Selamat menyaksikan keanehan dalam cerita ini.

Theme: All about Statistics
Her Name is Statistics
Short story originally written by M. Rasyid Ridha (140610120074)

Once upon a time, there lived four children who were born from Science. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology were their official name. Math—the nickname of Mathematics—was the first son of Science. The second one was Phys which was in short term of Physics. Chemistry or commonly called as Chem was the third child. And finally the last one was Biology, nicknamed Bio.

One day, Math born a new child, named Statistics. She was called with nickname Stat in general. In contrast, even Stat was the son of Math, she was really different with her parent. Moreover, her differences with other Science’s generation were quite enormous. The Science’s generation were usually defined as “certainty”. However, Stat was the one with many things about “uncertainty”. Thus, she was commonly dubbed as “Science’s generation of uncertainty”.

Despite of her distinctions, Science—the grandparent of her—said that she was the extraordinary newborn of its generation. She really made the differences which was very useful to mankind in almost every sectors. In addition, because of her, the other inherits of Phys, Bio and Chem were developed more vastly than before.

Unfortunately, Stat did not develop vastly like the other inherits did. However, she helped the other to develop with her abilites. Even though uncertainty was patched with her, that uncertainty could be used to catch something unseen to help the others find their sight and certainty. She was limited at all, but when she fused with others, she would become unlimited.

In her daily life, Stat was not the only one did her chore. She born and created many parts of her generation in purpose to divide her job specifically. Probability Statistics or ProbStat that had some genetics of Calculus, the another generation of Math, was the “nucleus” generation of her.

Without ProbStat, other generation of Stat would not be exist. Thus, he was greatly dependent with another generation of Stat. Indeed, there were so many generations of Stat with different purpose and function each other. 

In purpose for collecting, there were Sampling. Design Experiment was used to prepare and design. Only for describing purpose, there were Descriptive Statistics. In purpose to inference, Parametric and Non-Parametric Statistics did that. Regression and its descendant, Correlation, were used to forecast.  And many more part of Stat life did their chores differently.

In short term, they all were Probs the crux, Sam the collector, Desex the architect, Destat the painter, Par-Nonpar twin the judge, and Regress the fortune-teller. Surely, each generation were dependent at all. They connected together with bridge of Stat genetics in their blood vessel.

Sam the collector, he was the first man who gathered the resources with his any methods. Then, Desex the architect would design the resources to make them more appropriate. The designed resources were ready to prepare. Destat the painter could serve the designed resources by describing them. Unluckily, Destat was not capable to explain that resources comprehensively with only her beautiful drawing.

Destat’s limited capability would be helped by Par-Nonpar twin that had the ability to make the judgement. Destat’s drawing was not enough for helping people to tell them what the resources mean. Her drawing would be full of relative to persuade what people thinking about the resources. 

Then, reasonable judgement from Par-Nonpar twin could helped to explain more about the resources. Both Par and Nonpar had different using but in same purpose to judge. Par judged the quantitative of the resource’s part which was defined by value or number. In contrast, Nonpar judged the qualitative of the resource’s part which was not defined by value or number that ocassionally could be transform to number or value in given term and condition.

They judged between two possibilities condition, “Yes” as the null hypothesis or “No” as the alternative hypothesis, with any significance number usually 5% indeed. However, without the power of Prob the crux, they would not find the good estimator for their judgement. With their help, resources were ready to be concluded and explained.

Not enough until there, Regress the fortune-teller, was the special one from the Stat’s generation. He was like a magician who could forecast the future. Fortune-teller or forecaster was his title. He used the resources pattern to decide what was the next move of the resources variable. Then, from the pattern, he would found the suitable model that could be used to forecast the next pattern. And to judge whether his model was good or not, Par or Nonpar could help him.

Unfortunately, all of them would face many problems and challenges in their life. They had enemies too, one of them was Error, entitled Err the guilty-hunter. Because of him, all of Stat’s generation purpose would not become useful. As the result, Regress the fortune-teller could not forecast precisely, or Par-Nonpar twin could not decide well.

Their enemy was a serious threat that made the uncertainty more uncertain. Hence, Stat and her generation were full of uncertainty. If they could determined the uncertainty with good expectation, in this case they could handle Err the guilty-hunter, then it would be unbiased. However, if they could not determined the uncertainty, they would be trapped in the darkness, and then it would be biased.

Until now, Stat and her generation still live in this world. They are very useful for mankind’s life in almost every pathway. Additionally, they help other knowledge to develop and spread more vastly. Their stories will never end until the world ends.

The End which mean No End